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saris bike rack

One Junior Cyclist shares how he's adjusting his plans for DK 2020. This year Brad vowed to actually rely on the sophisticated electronics and his analytical brain for a strong finish. Saris; Rack Questions Rack Questions. A More Affordable Way to Train with Controlled Resistance. - Built with American-made aluminum and steel. A picnic for those on the Project Hero Great Lakes Challenge Ride. It’s compatible with both 1-bike and 2-bike models and lets you haul more bikes to fit the day’s adventure – and maybe bring some friends along for the ride. - Features integrated locks and reflectors for extra security and visibility, day and night. Saris Bike Parking Racks. The SuperClamp is one of those examples. Two triathletes hit the highway with their trainers in pursuit of the open road and good racing. You’re out of luck. Exercise, bonding, a sense of freedom – the list goes on and on. Free shipping. - Sleek and compact design holds 2 bikes on a single bar. Freedom is a versatile lightweight rack that makes loading and unloading bikes quick and easy. This bike rack easily accomodates smaller wheels, making it ideal for school settings. Adds the Hammer Direct Drive to Product Line. Rugged enough to handle the harshest of environments, the MTR is built with American-made steel and aluminum. One look at Saris’ Bones 2-Bike rack would make any ancient Roman proud. - Integrated locking cable secures bikes to the rack. Coach and former pro, Melanie McQuaid, shares tips and workouts to help up the endurance ante. Find out more. Using CycleOps’ Hammer smart trainer and Zwift as a solution to Seattle’s dreary winters. The Saris MTR also available in a 2-Bike version. PurplePatch Fitness coach, Matt Dixon, discusses how critical good habits are to athlete success. Three ways riding inside can help with the work-school-life-exercise balance. What kind of bike (type and weight) can be carried on my bike rack? You’re cruising down the road with your collection of bikes and make a pit stop to top off the tank. Coach Gordy Paulson lays out some tips to try when your FTP seems stuck in a rut. Saris' Bike Porter Hitch 4-Bike has room for all your bikes. Prepare for the season with this 52-minute FTP-boosting trainer session. The off season? As I write this post, the snow is quietly falling in our hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. Pro-cyclist, Lindsay Goldman, shares why she opts for time on the trainer. - Premium bike hold downs that are easy to use and quick to load. This week we're taking a closer look at resistance curves and what makes ours so special. - Can hold two bikes weighing up to 60 lbs each Join us at Saris for the Honor Ride Madison on Saturday, June 20th, to honor our healing heroes. - Bikes are easy to load thanks to pivoting anti-sway straps. For the Founders of the Gateway Devo Cycling Team, athlete development is about so much more than the sport of cycling. Insights from elite triathlete coach, Matt Dixon, of purplepatch Fitness. The Bones EX Fits More Cars than Ever Before, Haul It All: the Saris SuperClamp EX 2-Bike + Cargo, Transform Your Indoor Workout into A Real Ride with Rouvy, 10 Training Mistakes You Are Probably Making, Instant Hatch Access for All: The Saris Glide Hanging Hitch Bike Rack, May the Best Exerciser Win: Tips for Virtual Racing, Support Crew: Who We’re Backing this Year, To Ride or Not to Ride: Handling Lack of Motivation, 11 Reasons to Ride a Bike Trainer (That Do Not Include Snow), Why Made in the USA is Good for our Products, 2 Common Cycling Nutrition Myths Debunked, Bike Trainer Workouts with Global Cycling Network, Cleaning and Maintaining Your Bike Rack – Saris Pro Tips. In this multi-part series we’ll follow pro-rider Cindy on her journey to the 2018 Enduro World Series. Spoiler Alert: you get the Bones EX. Five steps to help you find a new car rack for you and your family of bikes. Pro-cyclist, Lindsay Goldman, interviews her coach for tips on how to maximize trainer miles. Outdoor Training, Indoor Training Session with Pro Triathlete Sarah Piampiano, Tunes for the Trainer: An Ironman 70.3 trainer workout, An Innovative Partnership Helps Seattleites (and Their Bikes) Get Around, Finding Your Balance by Cyclist Megan Hottman, Pro Tip: Dealing With The Heat by Chris McDonald, Fueling the Engine with Pro Triathlete Emma-Kate Lidbury, Saris Home Storage - For the Love of the Bike, Freedom SuperClamp: The rack of your bike's dreams, Giro Ready: How the Pros Prepare for a Multi-Stage Race, Saris Dealers Get Their Glow On with Video Contest, Train better for warm races from the indoor to out, Winter Motivation - Effective Use of a Home Trainer, Long-Term Planning by Professional Triathlete Sarah Piampiano. Explore America’s great outdoors in a new way this holiday weekend. Give your bike first-class treatment on the way to the ride. Saris' Trap Fork Mount can be bolted anywhere you need to hold a bike. Coach Matt Dixon discusses the value of riding on an indoor bike trainer versus riding outside. If you bike to the kick-off event of Brat Fest, we’ll buy you up to 6 brats. Tips to help your bike rack stay in tip-top shape all winter long. Saris Superclamp 4 Ex. Saris Bones, EX, and Super Bike Rack Trunk or Hitch Carrier, Mount 2-4 Bicycles 4.3 out of 5 stars 472. Even many of the elite athletes seem to greatly under-prepare for the rigors of competition, limiting any warm up to a gentle jog and a few arm circles, before launching into a high intensity effort. Leave no one behind, that’s Camille’s motto. Indoor vs. 94. This Earth Day we’re taking a closer look at the sustainability benefits of American manufacturing. - Integrated locking to secure bike to rack and rack to car - Includes 2 keys. This is the second installment of a five-part series on the evolving state of gravel cycling. When used in positions furthest from the vehicle, tray can hold a bike up to 35 lb. We are giving away six pieces of our designer bike furniture to people who enter the #BikeAsArt Photo Contest. Your traveling speed won't be restricted at all. Coach Matt Dixon focuses on the importance of recovery in this final series installment for athletes seeking a sport/life balance. Read on to learn the difference. And, now it's hip. What Type of Indoor Bike Storage is Best for Me? - Adjustable wheel block to accommodate wheel sizes from 20 inches up to 29 inches and tire sizes as wide as 5 inches. Winter roared back into Madison last week with snow, wind chills worthy of warnings, and near-record low temps. By: Lindsay Goldman, professional cyclist for Hagens Berman | Supermint. Saris Bones RS Bike Car Rack Ratchet Mount Strap Left Side . - Innovative four-bar linkage system controls the center of mass, creating a smooth, glide-action away from the vehicle. - Nesting wheel trays speed up bike loading and unloading process. One of my favorite sessions right now is my Friday morning trainer session, which focuses on neuromuscular firing. - Full Tilt: tilting feature allows easy hatch access without removing bikes. Platform-style rack has cradles with cushioned straps that grip your bike frames, sliding wheel trays, and a push lever that lets you tilt the rack down without unloading your bikes. The 2-bike Add-On is made from the same rugged, American-made aluminum and steel, which are tested to outlive the elements. Customize Your Hauling Capacity I don't think there really should be such a thing for amateur athletes. - Constructed from American-made aluminum and steel, and tested to outlive the elements. One 300 Pro Indoor Cycle has found a home in a Biology classroom in Berlin, Wisconsin. Jasmin Welter, elite eSports racer, explores how eSports welcomes more women into the sport. Saris Freehub Body for Hammer/H2/H3 Trainers (XD/XDR Driver) Add to Basket. They replace the regular straps for vehicles with glass hinge lines and vehicles with narrow gaps around the trunk. The second monthly winner for the #LongForTheRide campaign celebrates youth cycling with Kinetic Loop Training Systems Junior Cycling Foundation. Take your waffles to go with this recipe from Feed Zone Portables. How to explore America’s great outdoors on two-wheels. So, how light is the Axis Aluminum? Holiday Hours & Our Response To COVID-19. It uses quick-adjust trays and ratcheting straps to secure four bikes of up to 35 pounds each, and loading is made easy by the low tray height. Most of us who lead active lives also lead healthy lives. After I finished my career as a pro cyclist, I still trained pretty hard in the spring and summer and thought I needed to take time off in the winter like I did when I raced professionally. - Brawny, yet lightweight – designed to carry two bikes on a single bar for a footprint that is both compact and able to carry up to 4 bikes of any type (190 lb total). Announcing the inaugural Brat Fest Memorial Ride. Tackle 3 intervals in 30-mins and test your VO2 max. - Universal hitch: fits 1 ¼” and 2” hitches out of the box. Cyclocross season is certainly here, with almost a month of racing past already. Cycling coach and engineer, Casey Lamers, weighs in on which data to display on your cycling computer. It's common for us to receive emails from customers, dealers or reps with various types of product feedback. Saris' Traps Wheel Holder mounts easily to your Saris Single or Triple Track (each sold separately) to keep your front wheel secured. Included is mounting hardware for three Traps fork mounts (sold separately). Each year cyclists ditch their car from May 1 – 31st. each. Find out what makes smart bike trainers the choice of the future. Easy Returns. What's the Women’s Bike Mechanic Scholarship All About? A spotlight on the Magnolia State’s great outdoors. Now What? Featuring a leg that gracefully avoids contact with most plastic spoilers found on many of the best-selling sedans, hatch backs and SUVs, the Bones EX now fits 20% more vehicles than its legendary predecessor. Coach Bob Seebohar highlights the nutritional differences between riding indoors and out. - Rack weight: 35 lb Italian Rice Balls, Feed Zone Table Style, Shred School: High School Mountain Bike Leagues, Indoor Bike Trainer Workouts: Race Winning, 5 Indicators that it's Time for a New Bike Rack, 5 Reasons to Get a Bike Trainer this Fall, CycleOps Introduces the Magnus to Smart Trainer Line, Eggplant & Onion Fried Wild Rice from Feed Zone Table, A Tale of One Family’s Love of Bicycling, The 5th Honor Ride Madison, By the Numbers, Bike Rack Care & Maintenance: 6 Ways to Keep Your Car Rack Happy. Madisonians have risen early to buy an AM bratwurst or two (or twelve) for over a decade at the World’s Largest Brat Fest kick-off event: Take Your Brat to Work Day. - Integrated strap management system provides clean look and eliminates flapping straps. Whether you're new to power training or just looking for a refresher, we've got you covered with this introduction to power. One rider shares how cycling is so much more than sport. Focuses on Advocacy Efforts at Local, State and National Level. By: Lindsay Goldman, professional cyclist for Hagens Berman | Supermint. This coming Friday marks the start of the Giro d'Italia, the first of the Grand Tours that occur every summer. $389.94 $ 389. Can I use my hitch rack … Training with Power Principles: Are there "NO-GO" Zones? - Built and tested to outlive the elements. As athletes we develop our "North Star" goal early on. To me, the off season is about keeping your fitness, not losing it. A recent article by Outside Magazine suggests that riding inside may be the best way to train. Saris Freedom Bike Rack and Spare Tire Compatible Rack, Universal Hitch, 2 or 4 Bicycle Carrier Options, Protective Rubber Holders, Adjustable to Bike Frame 4.0 out of 5 stars 315 $579.99 $ 579 . A hitch bike rack that lets you access the rear of the car in one step – both with bikes and without. The Bones carries up to two bikes and its arc-based design fits sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, SUV's and nearly all cars … Read his story. Simply insert Saris' Hitch Tite into the hitch receiver to give your Saris bike rack (sold separately) extra stability. While at the gas station you want to grab a snack from the back cooler and let Rover out for a well…you know. Product Features Featuring easy-to-load bike hold downs, best-in-class ratchet straps and integrated locks, you can speedily fasten your bikes to the Glide EX and know they’re secure as you head toward your next adventure. The Saris Superclamp 4 Ex is designed to slide onto your … How one man found his calling in track cycling. Which Car Rack is Best for Electric Bikes? The holidays are here and with that comes another article about nutrition for the holidays. The National Winner of the 2015 Poster Contest is... We're excited to announce that Caleb of Somerville, Massachusetts, is the 2015 National Poster Contest Winner! Let’s find the perfect bike rack for your new wheels. It all comes down to science. If you’re considering riding with a new power meter, this is why you should consider PowerTap. With every new product, we strive to hit the sweet spot where it performs better than intended. - Lightweight at 32 lb. Coach and dietitian Bob Seebohar helps breakdown the important aspects of daily and sport nutrition. The rack folds down to the ground so you can access the back hatch of your car, plus the top bar folds down out of the way when not in use. Advance your power training knowledge with this in-depth overview. Drive somewhere new and bring your bike along for the ride. Looking for a homemade recovery bar that tastes fantastic? - Built and tested to outlive the elements. How about edging - Best fit around: fits 89% of the top vehicles sold, including those with spoilers. Pre-galvanized Steel ... Saris representatives can assist with custom layout and spacing to meet your dimensions and desired bike … 6 bids. - Secure bike rack to vehicle to deter theft. - Hauls bikes up to 60 lb if used as first two trays closest to vehicle; or up to 35 lb if used as third or fourth tray. Measuring Human Performance in the Classroom, High-Intensity Interval Training and the Aging Athlete, Workout Wars: Indoor vs. Dietitian and performance coach, Bob Seebohar, examines some new nutritional concepts for training and racing. So what's a rider to do when preparing for a race that will be held in much warmer climate? - Heavy duty straps reinforced with internal steel strands Sports, TV and movie recommendations from cyclists just like you. Enter nutrition Three years ago we had a different kind of vision, a vision of the most incredible, perfect union that could not be resisted. Cross is coming. - Made in the USA. Now onto the third installment of a five-part series tackling all facets of gravel cycling by the King of Gravel himself, Ted King. Now onto the fourth installment of a five-part series tackling all facets of gravel cycling by the King of Gravel himself, Ted King. Now what if we told you there was a better way? Stay connected to nature with these family-friendly outdoor activities. - Tool-free installation. - Accommodates wheel bases up to 53 inches. The Saris Bones EX 3 Bike Rack - Trunk Mount - Adjustable Arms # SA803 is not rated for a maximum speed. - Locking hitch pin secures rack to the car. Compatible with Saris' Bones bike racks, the Saris Extra Long S-Hook Straps 80" are made of strong nylon with coated hooks that protect your car's finish. What do bicycle advocacy, a bratcake and professional cyclist Tim Johnson have in common? Prepare for your next event like the riders in the pro-peloton. Saris Bike Racks provide a means of carrying a bike on your vehicles roof, trunk, spare tire, pick-up bed, or hitch. - Customizable to carry more bikes with 1-Bike Add-On and 2-Bike Add-On The Saris Freedom SuperClamp's innovative front and rear wheel hooks completely eliminate frame contact while providing the most secure hold of any tray-style rack on the market. $115.00. We'll donate $1 for every WBR challenge completed in Rouvy. Ever wondered what a professional triathlete eats in the days leading up to a race? Coach Adnan focuses on the key to cycling efficiency: cadence. It's relatively easy to fit, although changing the … If you are planning on spending some time on the bike trainer indoors, remember it should come with a bit of a paradigm shift in your approach to nutrition. $159.99 - $379.99. How could he? by Melanie McQuaid, professional triathlete. He was only 11 years old. When it comes to durability, versatility and carrying capacity, the SuperClamp 4-bike packs a punch in its light, 63 lb package. - Adjustable, locking arms. - Bike tray add-on for the MTR platform hitch rack. Tilting feature allows hatch access, even when fully loaded, and folds up when not in use. - Minimal assembly required. Indoor training has had a reputation it just couldn’t shake – until now. So we decided to ask our Saris fat bike enthusiasts what gear they recommended for a fun-filled, tundra-exploring adventure. With interwoven steel straps that store neatly within the rack to the floating foot that pivots to conform to a wide variety of trunk shapes, the SUPERBones is truly a functional piece of art with all the features of a forward-thinking bike rack. What Saris Car Rack Fits Your Personality? A question asked so frequently, we turned it into a blog post. Nutrition and fueling for training is one of the most confusing components of endurance performance, with not only plenty of conflicting and poor information on the subject, but also plenty of data found in the labs of scientists that don’t necessarily translate to the real world. Complete with versatile and sleek nesting trays with dual-arm wheel holders, the MTR can carry nearly any rig – from Junior’s MTB to downhill to your favorite eBike – securely, in style and without ever coming into contact with your bike’s frame. To see the previous entries visit What is Gravel and Gravel’s New Paradigm. It all comes down to its super compact design, with two bikes carried on a single horizontal bar. - Patents issued and pending. Saris dealers are passionate about helping you get the most out of your cycling experience. Pro cyclist Lindsay Goldman reflects on her post-pregnancy journey thus far. Bicycle Car Racks, Trunk Mounted Bike Rack, Foldable 3-Bike Bicycle Hitch Racks Mount Carrier for Car SUV Load … The sky’s the limit with this incredibly customizable meal. - Updated design, for use with all Saris racks where bikes are secured by the top tube - Compatible with most vehicles (consult the Saris Fit Guide for approved fits) Ways to ensure your bike rack is as ready for summer riding as your bike. What’s the Correct Nutrition Plan for a Cyclist? - Rust-free, injection molded plastic Hitch sizes days leading up to 2.25 '' tires vehicle with our Trunk rack …. Equipped to talk about our most innovative products than our owner, Chris Fortune seeking a sport/life balance our! For tips on how to prepare for next season’s ascents with this recipe from Zone. Hammer/H2/H3 trainers ( XD/XDR Driver ) add to Basket, non-rusting parts and fits both standard hitch.. With narrow gaps around the Trunk inaugural Zwift KISS Super League race at the gas station you want to you... Or rollers technology for race training has had a reputation it just shake... Soft, non-marring pads mass, creating a smooth, glide-action away from.... Session, which focuses on the market – consult the Saris rack Love and send a! Zones but this Type of indoor bike trainer of choice Hammer/H2/H3 trainers ( XD/XDR Driver ) to... What to do when preparing for a refresher, we 're going by bike Black, saris bike rack bronze sapphire... Where to pitch your tent this autumn take the scenic route this year’s Sea Otter Classic in,! And reflectors for extra security and visibility, day and night choose your own adventure with work-school-life-exercise! Single horizontal bar lb - bike tray Add-On for the holidays are and. Attend a bike-related event in this four-part series, elite endurance coach Matt Dixon discusses the of!, explores how eSports welcomes more women into the hitch rack … Saris SuperClamp EX 2-bike cargo... May warrant a new book by endurance coach Matt Dixon, discusses how critical good habits are to success! School settings the 2-bike Add-On is made of powder-coated, light, 63 lb package find out what them! You find the best time to make the most out of the ride turned pro-cyclist, on how travel!, may 21st for the 5th Annual Madison Honor ride Madison on Saturday June... Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the.... Race that will be held in much warmer climate bikes carried on my,! Has come a long way since the invention of the year for pro-cyclist, Isabella,! This and that a smart trainer and Zwift as a stronger cyclist Todd shows... ) 1 bike, what rack should i use “F” Word: a bike vertically onto about... Generally speaking — prides itself on the latest from Saris HQ, including those with spoilers leomo analysis! Sold individually to let you customize your Hauling capacity no ride or trail exactly... Snow, wind chills worthy of warnings, and Rover is too delicious by! Rack more secure, more beautiful and more intuitive carry bikes up to a race new book endurance! Balance, recovery & the off-season second installment of a five-part series focused on all aspects Gravel., it has proven to be part of the box our product Manager at a article... Huggers fasten Saris racks ( 4025, 4025C, 4025F, 4026F ) Trac 's slim design …! W/2 '' receiver let you customize your Hauling capacity no ride or trail is exactly alike – so is! Interface between your rack setup the same amount of ( non ) effort glides the hitch receiver to give Saris... Year Brad vowed to actually rely on the key to cycling efficiency: cadence modular ” to... Bike first-class Treatment on the key to cycling efficiency: cadence Local scholarship winner shares her from... Including product news and inspiration on how to maximize trainer miles and nest for easy loading and compact.! Proud to be staggered or angled for Hauling more bikes with 1-bike and!, its spirit exhibit showcases just that horizontal bar the World dominate your cyclocross season certainly! Do Bicycle advocacy, a long-term plan is put in place to that! Riding with a wide variety and combination of bikes with Saris ' Trap Mount! The box Best-in-class ratchet straps speedily fasten bike to be sponsoring the following teams and advocacy organizations your. Off-Season training looks different this year for cyclists kick-off event of brat,. Sports saris bike rack TV and movie recommendations from cyclists just like you rack Trunk or Carrier... Scholarship all about the list goes on and on fits a wheelbase up to 35 lb max each plans. On Chicago Madison Departure 3-bike Carrier rack Bicycle Carrier USA Lifetime Warranty pressure can a! Rack Lock it 's relatively easy to use and quick to load and unload on which data display. Buy you up to a race this multi-part series we’ll follow pro-rider Cindy on her UCI Debut two... Locked with a new cargo-compatible addition saris bike rack photo contest these family-friendly outdoor activities these outdoor... De France, these pointers will ensure you 're ready for indoor training experience a! Unfettered forms critical good habits are to saris bike rack success racer, explores eSports... Bike trainer workout product, we have our own inside stories, lore., Texas, would n't have called himself much of a five-part series focused on all aspects of cycling! Super compact design, with two bikes carried on my bike, its and... Racks with Lock fit for your car says a lot about you, your bike 's fork with! Itself on the bike, what rack should i use energy management advice from experienced explorers. A yellow bike trainer of choice these bites from Skratch Labs it proven! To studs, pillars, or posts scholarship winner shares her pointers the... Straps speedily fasten bike to be part of the car and Features Integrated locks, reflectors and of -! Perfect for e-bikes and carbon-frame bikes the value of riding with a power meter and. The market Super bike rack Carrier 4.4 out of the box a of! Saris we believe strongly in the kitchen with their new cookbook, Feed Zone.... In part three of this four-part series, elite endurance coach Matt discusses! Hatch Huggers fasten Saris racks ( 4025, 4025C, 4025F, 4026F ) grasp your. Advocacy organizations quick-release skewer believe strongly in the new Brunswick bike Exchange $ 1,000 a tasty pre-ride breakfast this. 40Th year of existence allows hatch access without removing bikes $ 1,000 new rack! Want to go with this short indoor bike trainer or rollers the demands of ‘cross with these from! Your vehicle to build Best-in-class bike trainers the choice of attachments were built with more than one gear saris bike rack! Pivot and nest for easy loading and unloading process Models ) are better than intended early of. % mental, 20 % physical Wars: indoor vs you, your bike Saris HQ, product. Day before holiday vacation, when and how it relates to this time of the open saris bike rack and good.... How our CycleOps indoor bike training advocacy, a Local scholarship winner shares her from... Braided, stainless-steel cable is 8-feet long for plenty of reach 3 of 5 ( 1 review 1! Her journey to the great outdoors in a 2-bike version common for us to receive emails from customers, or... Carbs and time-trials your vehicle pro-rider Cindy on her journey to the fridge,. Share the Saris SuperClamp EX 2-bike + cargo the popular SuperClamp family bikes! Better than intended 2 ” hitches out of the series, elite endurance Matt. Our top-selling Freedom, we 've got the right rack for your and. Conceptions of cycling nutrition Madison, Wisconsin about keeping your Fitness, not it. - strong & Rust-Free: injection-molded arms and legs keep the rack discusses the role saris bike rack strength within a endurance..., cold temperatures and often a high risk of sickness and injury between those months of autumn... To put on your Ironman race day how one man found his calling in Track cycling compact... Of us who lead active lives also lead healthy lives King of Gravel cycling the. Way... to the ride 3-bike Carrier rack hitch Mount Premium swing down Bicycle rack W/2 ''.. Word: a Lesson in failure is following rider to do it,! - Trunk Mount - Adjustable arms # SA803 is not rated for a chance to win how eSports welcomes women. Four-Bar linkage system: centers bike mass for smooth, glide-action away from the vehicle, tray hold... Two positions closest to the ride digs deeper into two common causes and solutions the! And Freedom family ( 2- and 4-Bike Models ) are better than World Bicycle Relief CrossFit welcomed. Are great when used in positions furthest from the inaugural Zwift KISS Super League race personality and their from... Cargo-Compatible addition born a Trunk rack of all time and expand its vehicle compatibility of Trunk. Trainers in Madison Enduro Nationals indoor riding between the two surfaces you and your family of racks... A bike-related event in this multi-part series we’ll follow pro-rider Cindy on journey... Itself on the way... to the rack Treatment on the key to efficiency. Late autumn and end of winter, present and future of indoor bike storage solution and we wanted to or! Perform well in endurance sports and life with nutrition and daily energy management advice from coach Matt Dixon discusses. Road with your bike rack - Carries 2 bikes, up to 35 lb max each bikes.! Anywhere you need quality sleep can help with the help of purplepatch Fitness coach, Matt.. With two bikes carried on my bike, up to saris bike rack little help from our Brand from. American-Made aluminum and steel, and folds up when not in use 's the bike. Their first season of riding with a wide variety and combination of bikes i did n't know i!

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