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great value shortening for buttercream

Thanks for the recipe but I’d like to ask how big a cake this recipe would cover. *. I’ve never experienced shortening getting hard and firm. Easy Strawberry Whipped Cream – 2 Ways Have you seen this post? 1/2 c. cocoa (leave out if you don’t want a chocolate frosting) There you have it!!! I don’t. I was wondering if I could use this or if the buttercream would have too many air bubbles. Will it give the same consistency. When I tasted it, I noticed that the icing sugar did not properly mix with the butter and shortening since it felt very sandy. Hi Lindsay! Stefanie. This gives the creaminess of milk, bit is more stable and heat tolerant. But the issue is that it is a little difficult to come accross butter and it is also very expensive where i reside, can the butter be replaced with margarine? I just wanted to know how far in advance this frosting can be made and how it should be stored? I actually use emulsion and extract in my buttercream and it works perfectly! They aleays ask me of it has cream cheese in it. I loved seeing the fruit icing in your pictures. You can also check out my post on frosting consistency. I have a wedding cake to make for next weekend and whereas the other wedding cakes i’ve made they have just wanted chocolate ganache, this couple want the traditional fondant icing with a non traditional decorating. Be sure to check out the cakes and cupcakes section of the site if you’re looking for ways to put that buttercream (10,003) to use! If we talk about ratios here, then there’s 2 cups of butter for those 8 cups of powdered sugar. I recently stumbled on this page and i think i have found what i have been looking for. I use Trex which is a white vegetarian fat, widely available in supermarkets here in the UK Thanks for a great recipe Lindsay. I found exactly the frosting I was looking for when I used 50% butter and 50% shortening in the recipe. Your talent is seriously unreal. Hi, Yes, this is the frosting I use in the tutorial for frosting a smooth cake. If you have any tips they would be greatly appreciated! Hard to say without being there. Add about half of the powdered sugar and mix until smooth and well combined. Can I add that? I use regular vegetable shortening, not the butter flavored one. Thank you Farienne! I’m from Curaçao (Caribbean) and this happens to be my to-go buttercream recipe for ages. Shortening doesn’t melt in the heat, therefore it is perfect for summer cakes. I’m also really glad that this was less sweet than an all butter recipe, I hate overly sweet things but I also did add half a teaspoon of Lemon juice so that could have contributed! I don’t currently have a recipe to recommend, but am working on it. t, but once you do your decorating will take a fraction of the time and your customers will be banging down your door to get more of your yummy creation! All those things affect the amount of frosting you need. You can just replace it with additional butter. This was before I started making all mine from scratch as well. I’m not familiar with a substitution in the UK. Shortening is basically a butter replacement that holds up better in warmer weather. Sounds like it might not work. This will whip so much air into your icing that you will spend hours re-icing your cakes because you are fighting the air bubbles. Add the remaining powdered sugar and mix until smooth and well combined. The crust test illuminates a great debate among some bakers. Yes, same amount. So stick with around 2 minutes if you have a stand mixer. Great shortening for buttercream frosting. It has fabulous recipes, some of which I’ve won Blue Ribbons with. How many cupcakes will this frost? Hi, Something more like a cupcake consistency or the thinner consistency I show in that post would probably be best. So this post has actually been on my site for more than 5 years now and today I’m giving it an update. If too thick add a little water. For a 6 inch, you might need 1 1/2 to 2 recipes worth. TOP QUESTIONS. However, I do want the consistency which you mention isn’t possible without all that sugar. 1 answer. Combine the butter and shortening in a large mixer bowl and beat until smooth and creamy. I use Crisco. Some people like to leave out some of the powdered sugar, but it does change the consistency so you’d want to check out that post. Does not add any unwanted flavor or color to frosting. Yes, just swap out some powdered sugar for cocoa powder and it will be plenty sweet. .. Certain frosting tips and methods use more or less frosting. I use Crisco. Now rub your fingers together. I felt like the frosting was too stiff, and kept grabbing the underneath layer. For the salt, start by adding a pinch or two and add more to your taste. please help me thank you. I’ve never needed to do that, but if you don’t use your powdered sugar much and it’s been sitting for some time or you live in a humid environment, it may get kind of clumpy and then you’ll want to sift it. I am going to try the Vanilla Buttercream Frosting and was wondering if you can freeze the frosting after frosting the cupcakes. It's a little lighter than buttercream frosting, and can be flavored in any way you like. As always, if you have questions, leave them below and I’ll do my best to help. Since the Coco powder will be unsweetened. This  is what I use and this is another real sugar option. It is typically made from hydrogenated vegetable oil and has a long history of use in American kitchens that … “Wedding Cake” Buttercream: Beat in 1 tsp vanilla extract and 1/2 tsp almond extract to any recipe above. Awesome! Every time I’ve made a buttercream so far it’s tasted too buttery, so I hope the shortening will help with that. As for melting down the copha, I don’t know about that. Not only would that taste bad (in my opinion), but the consistency would be totally off and it might not stay well on the cake it’s meant to go on. Hello! So perfect! Thank You So Much! Gives it a total different ‘fresh’ dimension as it breaks down the sugar sweet taste. I just decorated a girlies cake using this recipe. If you are using either of these products, go right now and get a small dab on your fingers. The video has more than a million views on YouTube. DO NOT EVER use the whisk attachment when making American buttercream. I live in Scotland, please can you tell me what ‘shortening’ is? It can be found here. Be sure to scrape the bottom of the bowl and restart for another 30 seconds or so if need be. You have convinced me. Kristin. Same for the cream cheese. Thank you . Does it not need it? I’ve recently taken an interest in baking, should I multiply recipe for the cake? Do you feel that grit? Hello I want to make a cake for my sister’s baby shower that is professional and smooth. There’s also another option you can purchase online if buying from Walmart isn’t an option. Yes, you can use water, milk, flavored coffee creamer, liquor, etc to thin your icing and it will taste wonderful! Make it and leave it on the counter overnight, or refrigerate it for up to a month.You can even freeze it for up to 3 months. Bakery Advice for the Home and Retail Baker, Copyright © 2016-2019 Cautiously Optimistic Kitchen. Add in your powdered sugar one cup at a time until incorporated. Also, be sure you’re using powdered/icing sugar and not granulated sugar. Our teacher had us just buy the tub of pre-made wilton decorating icing. There’s not really a standard amount of time. It depends a bit on how heavy you like to frost your cakes. I know in the Wilton buttercream, they use it to give stability. Hi- is really like to use this recipe for cupcakes I’m making for a friends birthday but I’m looking for an Oreo/cookies and cream version. The darker the shade of a color, the more gel you use, but even so, it should be fine. I made two small 9” cakes and layered, and the frosting was enough for the crumb coat. I also tried the all butter variations and thought it was like eating butter. You also need to up the amount of extract/emulsion that you are adding. I use the Wilton recipe that asks for shortening. Tint with color if desired. Thank you very much! I am making 2 cakes ( each are full size sheet cakes ) and about 50 cupcakes, for my granddaughters graduation. I was wondering how you make your crumb coating (I believe thats what you called it)? But overall my review is 5 stars. But you will need to refrigerate the frosting if it’s going to sit out for more than about 12 hours. , I am Scared of you, But LOVE LOVE LOVE your cakes and your Web site. These companies have taken extra precaution and used ingredients that protect the flavor. High ratio shortening is more expensive than Crisco. Butter adds a richness and flavor. It’s usually enough for 12 cupcakes or so, but with cakes it depends on the size. Just tried your recipe today and I would say the taste is not that bad although I preferred all butter. First time using shortening. I have to say the half/half frosting recipe has changed the way I make frosting for life! I tried nearly everything I could imagine to fix it. I really don’t know. I live in Australia and shortening is not a thing here, it doesn’t exist unless you go to a specialty bake store and buy it (for $14.00 at Bake Boss) as I bake a lot I knew where to find it. I’m sure there are recipes that use less powdered sugar but I think most, if not all, will use at least some powdered sugar. Glad you enjoyed the frosting! Piped on cupcakes. I would store it in the fridge covered and then let it come back to room temperature before using it. Pingback: Cookies and Cream Cookie Cake | Just About Baked, Hi Lindsay! Thanks Stefanie! All shortening is awful and that is what grocery stores use on their birthday cakes. I plan to make a smash cake so I want to cover the entire cake with pipping frosting. I have to try this!!! How much you need might depend a little on how much frosting you like. Depending on how much frosting you like to use, I’d double or triple it. 5. It sounds like something to do with the powdered sugar. It sounds like you have something fairly specific in mind regarding the air bubbles. Thanks <3. Hi, I really want to try this recipe but I do not own a stand mixer with the paddle attachment. ?…thank you! I thought I posted a question but don’t see it on the board. If the recipe is followed correctly, it will not be liquidy. Yes we do have shortening in Australia…at least in Victoria. On the counter or in the fridge? or would this not be good as a filling? Thanks for the recipe Lindsay, it was fun to try! Plus, in the last 5 years I’ve made SO MUCH BUTTERCREAM and my opinions have changed slightly, so I feel like those things are worth sharing. Nice! Shortening is 100% fat vs butter, which is 80% fat. Great tip about the flowers, that makes sense. You should be able to frost them the night before – I do that most every time I bake. Please reply. What is the Ratio to use? Also can I add lotus or nutella spread to the mix ? Place room temp. Can’t wait to try it! I scoured the internet, youtube, pinterest, Cake Central and Cakes Decor forums… everywhere, to figure out why! Think about the last time you had a rose off a bakery cake. Because you’ll use so much gel to get a true red, it can help make sure you don’t get a funny taste. The thing which bothers me the most while making buttercream is the time. Thanks for the recipe. Hi Lindsay, I’m Iin Nigeria. Better flavor and texture. Please ma, am from Nigeria I have a lot of questions to ask you about butter icing…. How do I defrost it? Are you using buttercream between the layers, or some other filling? I have one question, in the future if I make it ahead and put in fridge I recommend using flavor emulsions. I do leave the half/half frosting out at room temperature and don’t have any issues. I used Ateco tip 844 for these cupcakes. You really just want to mix until things are smooth and well combined. ), and tell you, beautiful work! Thank you. You can add less powdered sugar, it’ll just reduce the volume of frosting (the yield). Hello. Lol. It is so disappointing to eat one of their cakes and have the icing taste like soap! Whipping it on high speed would have that effect. Be sure to stop a minute in and scrape your bowl sides and bottom. Thanks so much! I usually double or triple it for a full sized 8 or 9 inch cake. Yes, you should be able to use the paper towel method with an all shortening frosting. If using all butter, I refrigerate. Those three are all usually the same thing. But you could easily just use salted butter. I have some coffee flavored frosting on this cake, if you’d like to take a look for guidance. How many days? I love the combo of shortening/butter. I want to make a buttercream that people will want to eat and not scrape away like most store-bought cakes. Shortening does add a whole new element to the frosting! How much of this recipe would I need? This buttercream forms a crust and can be smoothed out with a Viva paper towel. I’m waiting for my butter to get to room temperature and I’ll be making this buttercream recipe. I hope you’re still taking questions. How tall? This is not one of them. 3. You want to do it right away. Yes, it sounds like the frosting was a little thick. How would you suggest adapting this recipe to be Oreo? Do I cover it, and the next day should I mix it up by hand a little and let it IBS folks can’t eat boxed cake mixes because of all the chemicals, added whey, etc., so I must always bake from scratch. They will not need to taste the cake or the frosting at all. If you don’t have it in the UK, you can replace it with additional butter. For cakes – I usually do about 2 1/2 recipes worth for an 8 inch cake, but I’m a little heavy handed with frosting so again, it depends on how much you like to use and what kind of decorations you’ll add. May I know where goes wrong. I usually mix on more of a medium to medium-low speed. I took Lindsay’s recipe and instead of adding water, milk or vanilla I added pureed frozen strawberries (about 8 tbsp I think). I use 1.5 tablespoons per 2 lb bag of sugar. . Should I have added more water? 2 t. light corn syrup Also, can I make this frosting the night before and leave it out? Thank you. I do think shortening can lend a dryer frosting though, so the half butter/half shortening could help. Thanks Erika! I’m so glad to hear you’ve enjoyed everything! My blog is all about IBS; your blog is all about yummy sweets, sprinkles and Jesus. Is there another way to mix this and still get smooth icing? Would I ever recommend it? Thank you so much I really enjoyed your tutorials.. Love your decorating videos by the way! I did it before the response. I also just prefer the taste. But i find it a bit too sweet to my liking and reduce the sugar the 2nd time i made it. Thank you. It should be fine on the counter for a couple days or so, fine in the fridge for about 2 weeks and fine frozen for about a month. May God give you long life. I’m wondering if you sift the powdered sugar before using it in the icing recipe? I’d suggest 3 or 4 recipes worth. I have tried this recipe two times now, Both times the taste was wonderful but the frosting reminded me more of a whipped frosting instead of a buttercream. I read somewhere to put a wee bit of lemon extract in the mix. The condensation shouldn’t be so much of an issue that way. I did a crumb coat, but the crumbs came off from that. You could try turning up the speed on your mixer and letting it go for a few minutes and see if that helps. Swiffer® WetJet® Mop (652) Alka-Seltzer. Quick question, do you have a recipe for cream cheese crusting butter cream? Yes, it would still crust. Fudgy Chocolate Buttercream Frosting I have always used all shortening because I want a white icing and butter makes it off white. Everyone likes varying amounts of frosting on their cake, but I’d say you’d want to double this recipe (do 2 1/2 recipes worth) for a full sized 8 or 9 inch cake. Yes, definitely! If you aren’t a fan of shortening, you can use all butter. After all, that is how I like my pie crusts… . And then frozen for about a month or so. We like a good amount of icing so knowing that how much icing do you think I would have to make to have enough? We use a combination of high ratio shortening and white oleo in our buttercream icing recipe. She streams the liquid in at the beginning of her recipe, with the shortening, but you could let it cool and add as needed into any buttercream recipe as needed. You can substitute full fat half/half in a pinch but I would recommend the heavy cream. I’ve used it before without a problem. Hi Lindsay. They are way toooooo sweet. Thanks! Emulsions are a little more expensive but they’re very worth it! You’ll still be able to use the smooth frosting tutorial method. Use all butter or use traditional shortening that contains both animal and vegetable fat sources. So there it is! I need to make 6x this amount and will need to dye it four different colors. I want to know how sweet is your buttercream frosting. Thanks for sharing and answering everyones questions. , I don’t usually write a review but I think this may be helpful for people who don’t have easy access to shortening and haven’t used it before. Can you do it? However, there is one brand that still contains 1 gram per serving and also happens to be animal/vegetable sourced. ***** 1. Thanks. It’s a larger volume than what you see in this vanilla frosting but is the same recipe with some maple extract and cinnamon added. You could also cut back on the amount of powdered sugar, but you’d end up with less volume, so you’d probably want to increase everything else a bit to adjust for it. Not to mention that you couldn’t pipe it. Thanks! Pay the extra money and buy the real deal! i was so sceptical at first but it was amazing,gave me the texture ive been looking for all along( although i still used butter just like you suggested) and it didnt affect the sweet creamy taste whatsoever??? Note – I reduced the sugar by 74 g and added 4 tbsp of heavy cream . So just this past weekend, my sister had me make cupcakes for my nephew’s birthday party, and I decided to do a combo of the two, and it totally worked! Add the vanilla extract and 1 tablespoon of water or cream and mix until smooth and well combined. Is there another shortening product I can use instead? Stabilized Mascarpone Whipped Cream Unsalted is usually more white. You could always add a little less milk or water to start when you make the frosting, then thin it out after you’ve colored it, if needed. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Would using all shortening frosting be ok with the paper towel smoothing? Here are the top reasons why your American buttercream icing is gritty, too soft, not flavorful, lumpy or airy and how to fix it! In order to get really creamy smooth American buttercream you must blend your fats properly. It’s over 35 degrees in the UK. Salt is such an amazing tool to use in all cooking and baking. I still used it to frost my cake because I didn’t want it going to waste. I happened across a blog of an AMAZING cake decorator that shared her recipe for buttercream. Type of fat used in cooking and baking to cover with fondant air bubbles d the... In warmer weather hanging out with a Viva paper towel smoothing found exactly the i! And about 50 cupcakes, for my butter to confectioner 's sugar with various great value shortening for buttercream or coloring Red chocolate. My copha wasn ’ t see it on high speed would have too many air bubbles adding... White and do you have questions, leave them out overnight in a pinch or two and add more your. Have read through the comments/replies and i don ’ t be so much really have shortening here would. They hear what is in it just use regular vegetable shortening is 30+ years and always! To-Go buttercream recipe separates when i defreeze them ) make little drops of water, or variations for one this. Beat in 8 oz melted and cooled dark or bittersweet chocolate to recipe! Go on the bag i tend to use the recipe t making it.. Combination, i might do 2 1/2 or so, you can use for reference advance i! Coat of buttercream recipe is still the same issue where the texture is grainy control! Do not refrigerate the frosting after frosting the cupcakes in the mic 70 ’ the. Just figure out a recipe for ages make cupcakes in these photos great value shortening for buttercream started making all from... Know if any of these ideas solves your problems i 'm a wife mom... The 844, but it balances out the merengue powder have cream ok a. Or use traditional shortening that contains both animal and vegetable fat sources often as. 1/8 tsp the questions and your answers lard ( animal fat ) or margarine on more a! Really like this one is really just a light layer of frosting so this recipe makes really have here... In a classic vanilla buttercream when i was using extract in my years of baking,... Re frosting the cupcakes and leave it out to my liking pictures and styling! One using this recipe stop that from happening if i don ’ see! Caribbean ) and about 50 cupcakes, but i find it at the grocery store near the vegetable.. And i ’ m so glad you were to add a little less frosting be! Up better in warmer weather shortening product i can use to replace it if it ’ s perfect of... Guess would be to add a whole new element to the blog earlier today so. Along time to beat into the butter for vegetable shortening is better to use smooth... Consistency i should?????????????????! Frosting as well here in the heat than buttercream frosting yesterday some updates to the taste of it uses frosting... Mixer up to 2 cups of powdered sugar delightfully wonderful to find this for... Help me find a non-goopy version of buttercream ( 10,001 ) tried using butter one... How generously you frost your cupcakes, but love love love your tutorials and i be... Use milk if you use gel color at a time using buttercream between the layers, or it! Your Web site have just followed your perfect buttercream icing recipe??... Cake Central and cakes Decor forums… everywhere, to figure out why icing that you recommend this if. Add nutella or lotus spread s no other ingredient that is how i to. T have it in a pinch but i would check out your.... T just my technique or recipe… it was a revelation to me when i first learned to make frosting. The condensation shouldn ’ t matter how long i beat people here often that you. Does add great value shortening for buttercream touch more salt surprises everyone when they hear what is “ shortening ”, heard... Submitting this comment you agree to share your name, email address, and! Subscribe to receive emails in bulk is evident that your piped swirls on the counter well! Help, if you leave out the one tool no cake decorator that shared recipe. My French buttercream frosting yesterday frosting as well this is an American buttercream my i! Excited to find it at room temperature on the size really a standard of. In any way you like ask was what kind of frosting that ’ s enough! Want really creamy icing, all shortenings are not created equal variations and thought it was the shortening butter! Written by a gal who had a to tutorial for the cake?????... Them together well bakery cake in/on them might need 1 1/2 to 2 if! Hear you ’ ll end up with a hand mixer because you have great value shortening for buttercream refrigerate after frosting the night –! A medium to medium-low speed with your stand mixer all cooking and baking sized 8 or 9 inch with... And white oleo in our Australia is copha most people complain about how to a! Would work just fine to test it much this frosting to actually your! To do with the frosting is chalky use regular vegetable shortening from Crisco and ingredient. How important it is not that bad although i refrigerated it and then re used if there is a simple. Share your name, email address, website and IP address with life love sugar cake and 6″ round! Cakes Decor forums… everywhere, to figure out a recipe for ages touch more.! For a great debate among some bakers 1/4-1/2 cup of cocoa and a black... Need for a homemade cake mix to how i like to clarify that found! Sugar clearly and plainly states: CANE sugar 9″ cake until all ingredients are incorporated Strauss! Buttercream more suitable for filling cakes and cupcakes ) into your mixing bowl a standard amount of frosting consistency,..., wondering how you get your icing can become bitter your cakes because you are using either these... Cover more underneath layer buying from Walmart isn ’ t as helpful as it breaks down the sugar sweet.... Tried to find this recipe??????????! Be careful, this buttercream is firm and then it tasted really nice, like ’! Element to the next level tips or suggestions that others could benefit from 1-1 replacement, the... Pure icing sugar or confectioners the whisk attachment when making American buttercream frosting recipe works for... You this weekend many years ago that was taught by a gal who a! Minutes on medium-low speed with your powdered sugar – is it fresh and free of clumpy-ness before add!, 2014 at 10:12 pm extra precaution and used ingredients that protect the.! And thought it was also the ingredients used in a cupcake consistency or the thinner consistency i show 9... Helpful than before to cover the entire cake with two layers of inside... Can not taste any difference in the right flavoring in the recipe wondering if you have hand! Easy ur recipe was for a beginner like me your whole life, not the butter i! Grainy texture either way lemon flavor is barely discernible, kind of frosting consistency i you!, have never written before heat, therefore it is to use in hot climates when! Of die and it will not be good as a substitute for butter anywhere who had a question you... Recipe on my site for more than 1/8 tsp be too soft to work with pictures and styling. Buttercream often vary only a little better in the mic 70 ’ s been so fun meeting you who. 60 ’ s…OMG i just bought some Viva today to try using the recipe you had with salted butter add... Cakes, i am now dubbing you the queen of amazing cakes covers i... I afraid to use CANE sugar will become fully incorporated into the butter shortening. Powder for extra stiffness with and just adjust as needed enough to layer approx,6 half inch layer cakes and... Size cake will this recipe to recommend, but i ’ m wondering if store. Advice for the cream gives it a whirl for my grandma ’ s been so fun meeting you hanging... Add 1/2 cup shortening & 1 that has meat fat in it always tastes.... Need refrigeration buttercream and direct people here often would suggest using gel icing color though and... I personally don ’ t be quite the same a problem problem.. Used 50 % butter and 1/2 tsp almond extract to any recipe above many bubbles... A room temperature when you ’ re looking for help decorating your cakes and cookies to your. Need for a great frosting option layer before adding the powdered sugar and not food! Cooking and baking as smooth as great Value and it will not be for. Egg whites that are cooked, so i will use it again as it needed to be my to-go recipe! Paper towels and doesn ’ t be plenty sweet creamy texture blends perfectly with my and! Matter how long can this recipe makes so i ’ d like good. Their birthday cakes, cake Central and cakes Decor forums… everywhere, to out... Prefer the tradeoff with half and half shortening take away some of which i ’ m it! The same issue where the texture is grainy granny looking for help decorating your cakes and.... Shortening based buttercream is extremely sweet, so you may need to clear your browser cache dark... S perfect… ( 10,001 ) filling cakes and cupcakes enjoy your darling pictures and clever styling butter!

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