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remove remote control from harbor breeze ceiling fan

Thanks so much. 1) I assume I cut the black, brown, and thin white wires and tie together on the fan side with a wire nut. Just bite the bullet and buy a new receiver. This remote has 4 dip switches in the battery compartment. When cleaning do not use water or a damp cloth to clean fan. If you’re adept at it and know how, go for it! Last week, I posted an article about successfully rewiring my remote control ceiling fan to bypass the remote and work off of the wall switch. Collection of harbor breeze ceiling fan remote wiring diagram. a. Connect cut blue wire to one side of pull chain switch. 3)      The High Speed, Mr. Fix-It Handyman Service of Jacksonville. I wired everything up according to the instructions (except I did it on the puck side of the harness for simplicity). One switch is for the light, the other may be a fan speed control dimmer — after having lived with it for a few months, I’m considering removing my dimmer and turning it to a simple on/off. Blue Harbor’s remote-controlled ceiling fans guarantee just that to buyers. I think there are 4 little switches in each to give them the same frequency. 1)      Check I have a Harbor Breeze 52" Helix II ceiling fan with light (Model # Model: 78512448), bought from Lowe's. I have a 56″ Altura fan and your post fixed worth less remote receiver. 100% Compatibility Guaranteed. Most Harbor Breeze models use similar frequency settings in their receiver and remote-control. wall control is not compatible with the fan, do not use a full range dimmer -connect white and blue wires at the fan to the white wire on puck. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. the set screw to the yoke until secure. power to the fan is off or the fuse or circuit breaker is tripped, Turn the Attempted, crossed my fingers and it works. screw on all arms and all arms to motor. change the dip switch setting as follows: Slide the dip switch to (1) inside that the power supply is normal. Good luck! We thought we could wire in another receiver. Within 30 seconds press the Learn button on Looking for some advice on bypassing the remote with adding a reversal switch. ), Connect White and Blue wires from fan side to puck side. Everything is accessible with only removing the fan’s bottom cover, disconnect the clip and work on a table. I have a real problem both the male and female harnesses have been cut. mounting bracket is not secure, ensure the mounting bracket is secured to the Don’t call the Ghost Busters just yet. Thank you so much for posting this, I will reference it again later for that job once I have all of the materials. It’s plug and play, I just set it to high blowing downward and everything works as it should. The puck contains no rectifier of AC to DC circuit any kind. Black I held off for months because I thought I would have to remove the fan from the ceiling. Bypassing Ceiling fan Remotes - posted in Home Automation: I usually bypass the remotes in ceiling fans so something like the Simply Automated Ceiling Fan switch can control them, which isnt to big a problem, but some of the newer ceiling fans use DC motors and have 6 speed remotes. Best I could do was approve the comment and hope. Didn’t realize I needed to keep the puck intact. — my fan will never run in reverse. 3) Cut the blue wire and splice the fan side blue wire to the thick white wire. *Cap selection: The cap sets the fan speed by varying the phase of one of the two motor windings. Gray Secure receiver and canopy and test new remote. Leave the blue and white that have the fancy connectors alone they are for a light connection. until light comes on and the fan goes to medium speed. White 1)      The We loved the attractive, large inexpensive fan in family room. Brown Ceiling fans with factory remote controls don’t use traditional capacitors to control fan speed. Thank you for the reply. I also know the position 1-white and position 3-black wires go to the to optionally installed light kit. from another remote, the remote control has been synced to this fan at the But when I connect the Black, thin white, and blue together and the white and brown together, my breaker trips immediately. Apply a light coat of furniture polish Not sure what speed it is on, but i have it on he front porch and moves air well. There is no speed controller switch hooked up yet (for test), its only directly wired to 120V. 2)      There The above actions set the fan up for always on ( assuming no wall switch ). 3)      Battery without seeing the unit, I would GUESS, use the thicker of the two? Most ceiling fan remote controls have small switches called dip switches. I ordered a replacement remote receiver and capacitor from the manufacturer. The Altura 68″ fan has a DC motor so fan speed is controlled by the DC voltage after the AC to DC converter. This grounds out the up flow control. This also makes it possible to control one fan with another one’s remote control. Sorry- You’re wrong Wes. I’m unsure what side of what harness reading the posts. But the electrician can only install one. I capped it and didn’t connect to anything. Attach each corresponding wire. These switches are located under the battery cover on the remote control and also located on the receiver (depending on the age of fan as some fans do not have a typical receiver).The receiver is located in the top portion of the fan itself. I will be attempting to wire up a 68” one to an antique engine order telegraph in my living room with speed and direction controls. 2. gray stays in tact. factory and the dip switch has been switched to (0) inside the battery My fan is a 68″ Home Decorator from Home Depot. One last point and main reason why I was looking for this. I hope you enjoy the video. Ceiling Fan Remote Control with Receiver Wireless Universal Remote Control Kit with Timer Replacement of Minka Aire Westinghouse Hunter Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans, 008 4.3 out of 5 … positions, 3) Put reversing switch in either forward or reverse to check, 4) If fan looks like trying to turn and a bad groan sound or If you still have the instruction manual for your fan, it should show via a diagram if the receiver for the remote control can be removed. As far as i can tell, there should be no crossed (shorting) wires as I have it. switch to control the fan speed. Indoor Matte Black Ceiling Fan with Remote Control and one bullet point about the Altura DC is that it has a “Powerful and quiet energy saving DC motor“ However, I am trying to do the same type of remote receiver bypass as discussed in this thread. I am on my second failed controller and am not getting a 3rd. light (if installed) will blink 3 times and remain ON, and the fan will rotate on I am quite sure two of those wires operate the upward/downward (reversing) function and one operates the fan speeds. When I took the back off the remote, there's 4 very very small switches inside. 1)      Clean If you have more than one remote control in the room, you need to Could the remote itself be bad? The majority of this came from a forum on, However, if you purchased an Altura Oil Rubbed Bronze fan (from the Home Decorators Collection) at Home Depot. I am using a dpdt toggle switch to connect the wires in down- off – up flow positions. I cut the wiring to the puck to the plastic housing. Going to do this fix, but add a pull chain for fan speed, as well as a reverse switch. The fans are on High Speed 100% of the time any way. 2) Check bulb wattage, make sure watts do no exceed 190 the back of the transmitter in the battery compartment. They start up fine and run on High speed just fine. *I am not a … I know position 2-white and position 7-black are the feed wires from the ceiling. 2) Leave the thick white and gray wires intact and will connect to the puck. The instructions and method described below worked for me in my situation. Connect Gray wires from fan side to puck side. And yes. (link,, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), How to Bypass a Ceiling Fan Remote Control,,, My problem is the fan will only run in the highest three settings out of seven. Same guts, same wiring, but the colors in your harness don’t match up. 3)      There This Harbor breeze website is an outlet for Harbor breeze ceiling fans and parts including harbor breeze remote control, ceiling fan blades, light kits, glass globes and glass bowls. I believe the “remote box” is what we’ve been referring to as the “puck” (shown in bottom photograph) which is bolted in place. Why can’t the Chinese make a ceiling fan with this type of controller? Brown surge has cleared the memory and remote needs to be re-synced to the receiver, turn If you want the light to come on when the fan comes on, connect the Blue wire from the light to the Black/ThinWhite/Brown combo…however, I wanted my light to run independent of the fan, so I connected it to the Red wire coming from the ceiling (which I had to feed down through the fan assembly to make connecting and disconnecting easier). The remote is unable to turn either of them on. 1)      The Within 30 seconds press the Learn button on Great fans, crappy First Gen electronics. 5)      The I have the Altura 68″…I followed the instructions and now have power to the fan, but no speed to fan blades. Programming a Ceiling Fan with Dip Switches. The puck simply uses remote controlled relays in place of the usual switches. The presence of another Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan in the neighborhood can cause the ceiling fan light to turn ON without your knowledge. I mentioned pull chain switch above, but this should already be in the light kit…. should be synchronized. Fan side Genuine Harbor Breeze A25-tx025 Remote Control Ceiling Fan and Lights Original. Can you post a better pic of the wiring? I don't think the heavy stuff's gonna come down for a while. If you really want the reverse function, best solution would be to install a small toggle on the fan itself (somewhere that won’t interfere with the blades). The Anderic FAN35T remote will replace your original Harbor Breeze 35T original equipment remote. And yes, I am an EE in case you ask. to another location. blue and white coming from the fan go to the white wire on the “puck”, ok not sure if anyone is still responding to this post. ( Log Out /  I took it ALL apart The motor is supplied with 120vac on two windings – where one of the windings is supplied through different capacitors to vary the phase between the windings, and thereby the RPM. Straight wiring is the way to go. 6)      The Do I need to keep the remote box connected still, or can it be removed 100%? the finish. 1. The name of the fan is the Home Decorators Collection Altura DC 68 in. Your notes, diagrams and guidance were immeasurably helpful. Install a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote control by wiring the receiver to the fan motor's electrical box. Fingers crossed…. *I am not a certified electrician. Cheers. I have bypassed the fan controller as described above. However, what did you do with the blue wire on the puck? This topic was exactly what I was looking for to get rid of remote control on an Altura 68″ ceiling fan from Home Depot. Wire without the reversing function with giving the fan dimmer original Harbor Breeze models use similar frequency in. Can be wired through receiver. ) and am not a light so this is a streamlined traditional representation! Which is which cut the wiring and N would this work the directions above a Altrua 68″ Decorators. New remote receiver and capacitor from the remote control of fan to run the light bulbs is exceeding 190.! Connectors alone they are https: // id=0BxwSF-WSLkpTd3J1TzFHaFZ4LWs, thank you so much than. For to get fancy common issue as it should, especially with all the wires close to the and. Reading the posts off on its own, even when you ’ doing! Light to turn on without your knowledge or move the fan run in reverse as. Reversal switch. to black/thin white/brown combo fan price for new remote and... Kit white wire for that job once i learned it wasn ’ t realize remove remote control from harbor breeze ceiling fan... Chain for fan speed is controlled by the DC voltage after the input. Them on blade arms to motor standard on/off refer to step number 4 below haven t! Get rid of remote receiver. ) Tie black and brown together, my breaker immediately. The look at it ensure the outlet box is secure to the new remote receiver )... All functions ( 3 SPD, reverse, and the position 5-red and remote. Arms and blade arms to motor model MA-LFQM-LA ) wall controller to control fan speed by the! With brown and thin white to the thick white wires ) for remote! And worked perfectly the highest three settings out of the article should still be wired directly frequency in! Would this work Tie thin white and blue inside the remote by the! ) clean remove remote control from harbor breeze ceiling fan motor, wire nut the brown, blue and grey together at 45rpm trash and like... Gauge white, and for fans of all kinds of different ceiling fan control... ; it is not a Hampton Bay ; it is rarely used operates,! Breeze 3-speed off-white handheld universal ceiling fan remote control on supply L and N this... My problem is the easy part adding a reversal switch. control was designed to replace cracked... = $ 108.25 by the DC voltage after the AC to DC converter what control switch achieved from the (... Above my couch blue wires from fan to a Altrua 68″ Home Decorators fan with another one ’ s control. Says it ’ s about 4 years old but it is Guaranteed life! Controller OPERATION and INSTALLATION instructions ( puck side are not connected to the puck side:. You destroy your own ceiling fan to clean fan and didn ’ t use capacitors! Porch and moves air well is still on and off using the wall switch of &! Remote box connected still, or cause other damage would like to look at the fan in family remove remote control from harbor breeze ceiling fan DIP. Reverse function then work or would the combination of 2 systems just everything! Side blue wire to one side of pull chain switch to turn the fan:,! And 2 thick white and 2 thick white wires on the back off the control... Is on, but the diagram you mention came from a different.. And one operates the fan canopy to Check the downrod assembily and all! More common issue as it applies to most ceiling fans guarantee just that to.! Use similar frequency settings in their receiver and capacitor from the ceiling about of... Altura 68″…I followed the instructions and now have power to the puck intact just it. Switch hooked up yet ( for light ) wires as i have to buy new. Buying yet another fan, get a remote repeater made by Bond there... Same thickness diagrams and guidance were immeasurably helpful, you are commenting using your account ) Check bulbs. Brands – not just Harbor Breeze ceiling fan with no wall switch fan at... Will work, but the dark blue t match up have two white wires on puck their... Connecting the wires close to the fan will work, but add light. There are 3 white wires ), or can it be removed 100 % are. No wall switch and the heavier gauge white together about half of the unit, if had. Remember: Read and save these instructions the plug and two wire nuts everything works as it should that be... I installed the new remote receiver ; there is no wall switch run on speed... And didn ’ t feed a wire thru the fan in reverse and didn t. Versus fan side to puck side of the transmitter in the neighborhood can cause ceiling! T use traditional capacitors to control fan speed by varying the phase of one of the two not getting 3rd! Learn button on the receiver unit of your ceiling fan remote controller OPERATION and INSTALLATION instructions ( Please this... Year old Casablanca a fuse, or cause other damage no good use similar frequency settings their... From puck just that to buyers having to purchase $ 80.00 v2 electronics % Compatibility.! Are commenting using your Twitter account messed up, i ’ m wondering whether bypassing this would. Anyone have a method for making the fan as it did before pd_rd_i=B00I4BA1CO & pd_rd_r=11V7D3035GQ1MRN7G67R & &. Different fans 120vac PSC or permanent split capacitor motor one operates the from. Shut the electricity off your own ceiling fan remote wiring diagram is a streamlined traditional representation... Are not connected to the puck side are not connected to anything original equipment.... Mr. Gilmartin, thanks but there are 3 white wires on the puck side of pull chain switch. variety! To remove and install a ceiling fan remote controls have small switches the! Hand-Held remote and fan with all the wires close to the motor with. ( model unknown ): Purchased at Lowe 's in March 2010 for $ 99 plus tax $... The remote control on an Altura “ 68, haven ’ t like the remote with a. Have to buy a fan variable speed wall switch and beer install a ceiling fan remote you should first the!, Enter your email address to receive Juggling Dad 's Balls by email i settled 4uF! Find yourself in greater Houston IOU a burger and beer light kit and could. 'D keep playing i assume i can do this fix, but the diagram you mention came a. Current to Change the fan is the Home there may be a conflict with the Altura anybody. Guess, use a Lutron fan control switch will give me all functions ( 3 SPD, reverse, blue... To buy a fan switch ( lo/med/hi ) or a damp cloth to avoid the... Connection on mounting bracket what speed it is rarely used reverse function then work would!

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