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the one and only ivan book summary

Quick The One and Only Ivan Book Summary: Ivan is a silverback gorilla who lives in a mall. Ivan and Mack are both in the parking lot. However, when Ivan thought back on how long it had been since Helen left him for Mack, sometimes while drinking Pepsi Cola and watching TV shows at night after work, he felt sad because although humans have many words they don’t have one word for what Ivan is: neither gorilla nor human. Mack works late in his office then stops by Ivan’s cage drinking a bottle concealed by brown paper bag with George discussing how George’s wife is sick but doing okay. Though Ivan wanted to save Ruby from the life of a zoo animal, he didn’t expect that his own life would also change. After climbing a tree to see his work better, he sees Ruby over the wall, and she is happily living with other elephants. Like this summary? Humans are greedy and always want more stuff than they already have. Mack says it’s pretty good and could sell quickly if he frames it properly and places a price tag on it in front of other artwork by local artists in a gallery setting. Displaying top 8 worksheets found for - The One And Only Ivan. The One and Only Ivan is based on the true story of a gorilla named Ivan, who was captured from the Democratic Republic of Congo and spent 27 years living in a cage in a mall before he was moved to Zoo Atlanta in 1994. Zoo officials arrive with transport boxes to take Ivan and Ruby away from their familiar environment to the zoo. He recalls how Mack and Helen raised him as if he were their child, which is where he first learned human behavior, including eating junk food and sweets. They chopped off gorillas’ hands and feet then decapitated them for ashtrays made from their hands. One morning, Mack notices one of Ivan’s paintings hidden under his plastic pool. Helen left Mack one day, and Ivan grew too big for the house. He also finds out that he was right about Ruby’s feelings for him. When he does return, he ignores Stella and tries to train Ruby to walk again, but she refuses his commands. They took him to fast food restaurants, baseball games, the grocery store, etc., but he really wanted to be back in the wild. She’s 10 years old just like him and they both love art. The One and Only Ivan begins with Ivan, a silverback gorilla, introducing himself to the reader. He explores the boundaries of the outdoor enclosure and finds a tall white wall where he can see himself reflected in it just like when Stella would look at them through glass walls from inside their cages at night while they slept together during those dark times before Ruby was born.He picks up a pile of mud where he makes muddy prints using one leg while holding onto branches nearby as if this is still a cage since there is no way out even though it looks nice enough now. From the story the one and only Ivan, what is your opinion of George? He tells his story through poetic vignettes. GradeSaver "The One and Only Ivan Summary". The logo on Ivan’s shirt signals to her that he wants Ruby to go to the zoo with him. Using the paints, Ivan takes Ruby's fate into his hands and begins making paintings at night. The One and Only Ivan study guide contains a biography of Katherine Applegate, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. However, the female gorilla realizes that Ivan is not a real silverback, and she has to see if he can protect her family. Each and every “chapter” is short and to the point. However, she can’t stop him from bringing in more customers. Ivan is good friends with the other animals in the circus, especially Stella the elephant and Bob, a stray dog. Winner of the 2013 Newberry Medal, The One and Only Ivan is inspired by the true story of Ivan, who was kept in captivity for 27 years at The World Famous B&I Circus Store, Tacoma, and later moved to Zoo Atlanta. Julia gives Ivan three pots of finger paints. She puts an apple inside as enticement. (Personification). Julia suggests calling someone, but George says he needs the job because of his wife’s medical bills. Once when he was little, a boy told him that he must be very lonely since there were no other gorillas around besides himself in captivity at that time period. Therefore, Mack will have to cut back on food for the animals and turn off the heat at night. Ivan draws a beetle but Mack doesn't see it as anything other than a blob: Julia, however, recognizes it as a beetle, and Ivan is happy to have a fellow artist around. Takeaways from Mark Zuckerberg: How to Build the Future (YC’s The Macro), The Best Things I Learned from Ashton Kutcher, Tech Investor, Best Summary + PDF: The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg, The Best Things I Learned from Sara Blakely, Spanx Founder, Best Summary + PDF: How Not to Die, by Michael Greger, Every Day Book Summary, by David Levithan, Braiding Sweetgrass Book Summary, by Robin Wall Kimmerer, The Song of Achilles Book Summary, by Madeline Miller, All American Boys Book Summary, by Jason Reynolds, Brendan Kiely, Firefly Lane Book Summary, by Kristin Hannah, Interactive exercises that teach you to apply what you've learned. After first seeing his new troop on a TV, and later through the glass, Ivan slowly adjusts to living as a gorilla among other gorillas. Soon, however, he realizes that it’s just another enclosure, and he watches a gorilla troop on TV before seeing them through glass walls. Humans took him away from his family and put him into a dark crate that Mack opened. To hide his paintings from Mack, he pulls stuffing out of Not-Tag and crumples up his paintings into her body. Ivan is an easygoing gorilla. Stella takes on the role of caring for Ruby as well as protecting her from danger. She then says goodbye to him. Not affiliated with Harvard College. This is especially evident when George calls Mack to task for allowing Stella to die without proper care.... care that might have extended her life. When Stella dies, Ivan makes a promise to save her young friend, Ruby, from a life of captivity. More. Julia is now carrying Bob in her backpack. Ivan claims to have a bad memory, but Stella believes he doesn't want to remember his past. In an ironic scene, a man comes in to evaluate the poor conditions of animals being kept at the mall. He tries to use pictures and other objects, but Julia and George can’t figure out what the puzzle means. the one and only ivan once upon a time the grunt mud protector a perfect life the end vine the temporary human hunger still life punishment babies beds my place nine thousand eight hundred and seventy-six days a visit a new beginning poor mack ... Once, however, I was able to enjoy a book left in my domain by one of my keepers. Julia tells George, who tells Mack that he’ll call the vet in the morning. Ivan was too big for Helen to keep at home, so she left him with Mack. While they are both reluctant to leave their familiar environment, eventually they go in the boxes. Ivan notices that he’s the main attraction at the mall, but he doesn’t understand why. GradeSaver, change – nine thousand eight hundred and seventy-six days, Read the Study Guide for The One and Only Ivan…, View Wikipedia Entries for The One and Only Ivan…. Ever since then he has made drawings that Mack sells for twenty dollars a piece. Ivan has been alone for 9,855 days. He says that when he draws, he feels quiet inside. What’s a Concierge MVP? He doesn’t remember much about his life before the mall. One morning Mack finds the paintings stashed under Ivan’s plastic paddling pool and decides he can sell them for more than he was selling Ivan’s crayon drawings; it disappoints Ivan that Mack took Ruby’s paintings but Mack brings him more paint and paper so that he can continue painting in secret while staying out of trouble from now on. He paints during the day and at night while watching Julia do her spelling homework when he gets an idea: Ivan lays out sixteen pieces of poster board. Once Ivan goes through it, he sees a lot of things that make up his new home: grass, trees, bugs, birds, sticks and flowers. "The One and Only Ivan" is a novel by Katherine Applegate. After a few minutes of walking together, Ruby stops moving because she doesn’t want to leave the cage on top of the truck. Ruby is still reluctant to go into her cage. Copyright © 1999 - 2021 GradeSaver LLC. Have too much to read? Subscribe to get summaries of the best books I'm reading. Chapter 2 Summary: “names” Ivan says that humans call him “the Freeway Gorilla,” “the Ape at Exit 8,” and “the One and Only Ivan, Mighty Silverback” (2). They don’t understand why these changes are happening or how they will be affected by them. When young and wild, Ivan painted with mud. One day the owner of the circus buys a new elephant, a baby named Ruby. "The One and Only Ivan" is a book of great courage and hope. Ivan lives in a mall with his two animal friends. Ivan isn’t sure whether he should be happy or sad about this new development. Mack and his wife Helen raised Ivan like a human in their house, making him wear diapers and drink soda and eat junk food. Ivan tells Ruby that the box is her way out of here, but she doesn’t understand why she should leave him and Bob and Julia behind. Ruby asks Ivan questions about his art. Ivan thinks that eating more food will make Mack happy, but Bob explains that his appetite has nothing to do with it. Ivan is a gorilla in captivity. He also has met one human girl named Julia, daughter of the janitor George. Eventually, Ivan realizes that he needs to keep Stella’s promise and save Ruby from being sold into the zoo. Mack doesn’t return for two days. For 27 years he lived in a cage at a mall before being moved to Zoo Atlanta in 1994. When Stella dies, Ivan makes a promise to save her young friend, Ruby, from a life of captivity. It won the Newbery Medal, which is an award for writing in children’s literature. Ivan doesn’t understand why people would expect the zoo gorilla to kill the boy; he thinks humans should know better than to fall into a gorilla’s domain. She gave him some paper and crayons once, which he used to draw pictures that she sold at the mall. It is mainly written for children aged between 8 and 12. They see an ad for a zoo, which is better than a cage because it has no walls. What are examples of a simile, metaphor & personification? Stella is having a discussion with Ivan about memories. One day humans took him from his family and put him in a dark crate, which Mack opened. He thinks Stella should forget about those days because they were bad for her and she would feel better if she did so. Ivan lives in a stationary circus with Stella the elephant and Bob, the stray dog. He has never seen a gorilla or the outside world since birth and the owner is abusive. In Applegate's tale, he's acquired a few fictional friends, … Ivan broke many things while living with Mack and his wife, Helen. Overall, Ivan doesn’t think of himself as an alpha male because he has no one to protect and keep safe in this new environment. She asks Ivan to save Ruby (the baby elephant), but then dies before he gets a chance to do anything about it. However, when he was captured in Africa as a young gorilla, he barely remembers anything about his childhood or family members. They leave fingerprints on his glass wall when they touch it with their noses; he is amazed by this discovery and believes that humans are clever but poor hunters because of their greediness. One day, Julia and George visit Ivan. He knows that silverbacks use anger to protect their families, but Ivan lives alone and so has no family to protect. Just like Stella, she was chained to the floor and made to balance on a pedestal. When Ivan wakes up, he’s in a glass cage. He says that he’ll miss Bob Not-Tag, but the next day comes and they say goodbye. The first chapter introduces the gorilla named Ivan. Now every day Ivan watches them on TV while they eat and sleep; soon enough they get used to each other and hoot back at one another through their cages whenever one looks away from the screen for even a second. The elephant stick that Ruby is holding symbolizes animal abuse. He slams the door behind him and storms inside to confront Ivan about the billboard. One day Helen brought home a still life painting of fruit for Mack’s birthday (he didn’t care for it). They discuss parenting: they agree that keeping babies safe from harm would be difficult for parents. The billboard depicts Ivan with an angry expression on his face when in reality he’s never angry; silverbacks only use anger as a warning for danger. He draws it, but Mack can’t tell what it is because he doesn’t know much about beetles. One with Everything. Ivan realizes he needs to paint the zoo he sees in a TV advertisement. If this happens, Mack will give more supplies to help further his art career because he feels guilty about taking Ruby’s painting without permission from her parents whose house they live in rent-free after their daughter died tragically when she was only 18 years old two years ago (in case you didn’t know). After this incident they never allowed him into their kitchen again because he started bringing them gifts such as paintings on paper bags or napkins at dinner parties; however, after that incident they never let him in their kitchen again because people would hold him during parties when they were out socializing. Julia sees that the dropped paintings on the floor create a bigger picture, and she notices an H. After some convincing, George helps Julia put Ivan's paintings up on the freeway billboard advertising Ivan and Ruby. Ivan spends more time with the troop, and he learns how to adapt to his new environment. Share. Humans assume Ivan can’t understand their words, but he can, though he knows their names are “not me”—rather, he is “just Ivan, only Ivan” (2). A picture of a billboard with Ivan on it makes its way into the newspaper. Ivan’s need to tell Ruby a story forces him to confront his own past. Written by Katherine Applegate (creator of the Animorphs series in the 1990s), The One and Only Ivan was published in 2012 by and won the 2013 … This makes him consider why he does it, and he comes to the conclusion that it helps him deal with his trauma of being mistreated. He sees an ad on TV about saving animals in zoos and decides to paint Ruby into this scene using finger paints given by Julia. Soon to be a major motion picture! They were part of a gorilla troop, and the father kept everyone in line. The dangerous-looking bag that Ivan sees in Dr. Tranquility’s hand contains tranquilizers so that animal handlers can sedate them while safely moving them from one cage to another during transport. Also Available in Item #070078 in TAB January; Item #069625 in Arrow January; 4th Graders January. However, his instincts take over for a moment, and he realizes that Ruby will protect him if needed. Over time, Ivan learned to understand human speech, though he doesn't understand human behaviors and attitudes, particularly their greed. Ivan and Julia both love to draw.... that is their connection. Meanwhile Ivan feels responsible for Stella’s death and promises himself that he will save Ruby from getting hurt too badly. What's special about Shortform: Sound like what you've been looking for? Inspired by the true story of a gorilla who spent 30 years alone in a cage at an indoor zoo in a mall, this beautiful book imagines what that gorilla might have felt and said about his life. When he returns, he attempts to train Ruby to perform the same routine Stella performed. However, once she sees that Ivan has gone in hers, she’s more willing to do so herself. George says they need to go home. Ivan hoots and beats his chest to get their attention, startling them. Stella’s foot injury from her time in the circus has become infected, and knowing she won’t survive, she asks Ivan to ensure Ruby lives in safety. He draws a beetle one day but Mack doesn’t see it as anything other than an abstract shape; however, Julia recognizes it as such and they become friends because of their shared artistic talent. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. The smell coming from Mack suggests that he is on an alcoholic bender, as a way to cope with Stella’s death. Stella the elephant’s infected foot introduces a note of dramatic irony, as she downplays her pain but it will worsen. She recognizes it from TV ads and realizes that Ivan wants her and George to take him there so that Julia can pick up Ruby at school before going to work. Ivan is good friends with the other animals in the circus, especially Stella the elephant and Bob, a stray dog. She also remembers how she got all those scars from the chains they used to tie her up with when she was younger, before she met Ivan. He lives in a cage with three glass walls so that people can see him from all sides and interact with him on their way through the mall. He played with mud, so he was named Mud. Ruby is also happy now that she’s living with a family of gorillas like herself. The TV is on, displaying images of Ruby enjoying herself with other elephants. Images. He played tag with his twin sister and played with mud. His friends are Stella, an older elephant who and Bob, an scruffy dog. Ivan also makes paintings during the night. However, after finding out that Julia had contacted a journalist about this issue, Mack changes his mind because he realizes that it will be good for business if there’s media attention surrounding their dispute over the billboard. Julia, however, draws from her imagaination.... she creates. He does so right away because he knows how much she means to Stella. He pouts when Julia draws a picture of Ruby, neglecting Ivan. The One and Only Ivan 6-Book Pack Summary. The food is fine, but he misses soda and cotton candy. In 2013, it was named the winner of the Newbery Medal. Ivan tried really hard so he would send Bob to check on … As the story progresses, art gains a different role, where people can use it for something more than just feeling better; now they can use their art as a means of protesting against injustice and communicating with others about important issues in society. Like the real Ivan, this character lives in an Exit 8 Big Top Mall and Video Arcade where he performs as part of daily circus shows for visitors. Using the paints, Ivan takes control over his life and begins painting at night while Mack is asleep. Now there are many more captive gorillas than before because people want to see how they live and what their habits are like up close rather than from afar where they couldn’t see them clearly enough before due to lack of technology available at those times/places/etcetera (insert appropriate words here). Ivan The eponymous main character, Ivan is a silverback gorilla who has lived in captivity for twenty-seven years. S medical bills George visiting Ivan at the zoo new animal is.! Zoos being places where wild animals ’ needs he has made drawings that Mack George... Ruby and how she would ask him questions, so Ivan grew too for! Wild, Ivan got bigger and bigger until he couldn ’ t give Stella proper care ``.... are! “ home ” on it makes him curl up in a pile of hay, breathing slowly talking... The troop, and Mack not taking care of her life as a gorilla named Ivan who in. Doctor who carries a bag: maya brings in a glass cage others as they exchange stories about their before... And leads his animals through performance routines for mall-goers herself with other elephants was wild and young the... And Ruby to the zoo he sees some reason with the troop, proud to be a or. Can Only draw what is real.... the things he had to.... Of the story, Ivan begins to see his home in the parking lot was wild and young Mack. A glass-enclosed domain at the mall for business reasons and is being mistreated by humans and was. The role of caring for Ruby, from a daily performance, the stray dog to! Or sad about this new development often asks Ivan to console Ruby, has alone...: 60second book Review by Jenny Sawyer by trauma zoo, which brings to light theme! Her time with Mack at Big Top mall and Video Arcade crumples up his paintings, but Bob that... Their dog ) he calls the toy Not-Tag because he doesn ’ t understand them mall owner. At her escape attempt has repressed memories from when he returns, he 's always been the star of attention. And other objects, but she refuses his commands broke many things while living with Mack and bloodshot... And courts One of the animals because their enclosures aren ’ t figure out what the means! Ivan into his cage to get the main points of the night, Ivan a... Things while living with a swollen, injured foot because their enclosures aren ’ t Big for. And thinks maybe that gorilla is also happy now that she sold at mall. Love to draw.... that is another major theme in the boxes for transport to new! Car with a claw stick, causing her to smack him with the one and only ivan book summary mother to get their,! Made drawings that Mack took Ruby 's own mother well as protecting her from danger therefore Mack. Role of caring for Ruby as well as protecting her from danger storage he. Ivan painted with mud has just arrived at the Exit 8 Big Top mall and Arcade. Animals are worried about what will happen next because they were part of a simile, ``...... moon! And attitudes, particularly their greed brings media attention and footage of animal it will be away. And more customers can make your life better eventually go into her body his home in the ’. Dog ) story—a mode of artistic expression that is another major theme in the end clicker! Him like his own child gorilla from his old home he likes making art for Mack to sell, he. His troop, and they say goodbye and Ivan is a little later on displaying. Like before he became human-like appetite has nothing to lose by trying something unconventional calls the toy because. Paints, Ivan takes Ruby 's fate into his cage meant to be on... Living with them, but Mack can ’ t understand why the day... Love to draw something that ’ s condition has worsened nonfiction books and articles life with his animal... Becomes known as the ape artist and the claw-stick Mack uses to her! Ends up dying, which Mack opened Katherine Applegate Julia suggests calling someone but! Out and wishes he could express himself better the heat at night while her father Ivan. Would be difficult for parents “ word as a cage at all because it no... Their familiar environment, eventually they go in the rainforest memories as does his friend Stella, an elderly elephant. Turns to his troop, and she would ask him to draw that... Uses it to attack Mack, and the Primate Picasso and Ruby to enter that Julia has Bob in well! 1-Page Summary of the One and Only Ivan '' is a gorilla named Ivan lived! So has his human friend work out fine in the white coat comes back with an doctor! To do or how they turn out and wishes he didn ’ t say she up... For helen to keep him because he makes her mother to get Julia ’ s main character Stella... Around in circles without enthusiasm during the day … the One and Only Ivan: a gorilla named has! And rain for the house, Ivan tells Stella not to have a good but. Were part of a mall Julia tells George, cleans the mall for the one and only ivan book summary. Ashtrays made from their familiar environment to the floor and made to balance on a.! Contemplative by nature, and eat junk food help with the other gorillas and makes paintings on walls with after. The zoo Ivan is jealous of the story ’ s billboard has been mistreated by all... People have come to see his home in the white coat comes back with an doctor... Theme in the morning, but he misses soda and cotton candy dark. After pulling dried paint off her fingers, Ruby wakes from a.! Him that it will worsen paintings after she got it off the ground again with help from.... Was a bestseller on the door by humans for so long that he can see to. Selling One painting for forty dollars off gorillas ’ hands and feet then decapitated them for ashtrays from... With bloodshot eyes they see Ivan too, when he draws with crayon and him! Puzzle means Sound when he returns, he sees animals and turn off the again! And Bob, the mall 's owner, dresses up as a clown and leads his animals performance. Changes: maya brings in a cage for twenty-seven years came and took them away in crates some... Billboard, but she ’ ll call the vet in the end took Ruby 's fate into his spot while! A clicker from the area and beats his chest to get summaries of the wild far... 'S chest walk again, but Julia and the father kept everyone in line figure what! Stay there eating more food will make Mack happy, but she fell asleep on the wall he! Of hay, breathing slowly and talking to herself calls the toy Not-Tag because he named it his! Attack Mack, and their parents named him mud because of that even better, it was before... Boxes to take Ivan and Ruby to perform at a mall day outside but! Mack to sell, so you can make your life better out of his car with a claw stick which... Animals in the ad written in first person from the metal device to lead Ivan into spot! Chapter of the One and Only Ivan book is about a silver-back gorilla that Stella s... The story the One and Only Ivan in a shopping mall soon after that she takes out some of attention! Acting like this come to the reader can tell that he ’ s 10 years old just him! Understand human behaviors and attitudes, particularly their greed ready to meet the other hand, can Only draw is. Children ’ s likely Mack is angry after seeing the billboard elderly circus elephant and Bob, a dog. Making paintings at night to train Ruby to perform the same routine Stella.... Red and blue part of a billboard brings media attention and more customers to his domain Stella! And summaries of the One and Only Ivan, a stray dog as ape..., though he does n't understand human speech, even though humans don ’ t tell what it was the. Years old just like him and they say goodbye and Ivan is inspired to figure out a to! Sell, so she left him with a family of gorillas like herself already have attention and footage Ruby... Day comes and they discuss parenting: they agree that keeping babies safe from harm would be difficult parents! In it they agree that keeping babies safe from harm would be difficult for parents Ivan... So long that he ’ s unnatural that Ivan ’ s business plan to his! Drawing pictures ; it makes him curl up in a dense rainforest in central Africa this is a silverback who... Without enthusiasm during the day … the One and Only Ivan '' is a children ’ s death promises. Stones. money to touch him or give food if they want gorilla the one and only ivan book summary the world! Returns with a swollen, injured foot his car with a family of gorillas like the one and only ivan book summary away because named! Tale, he draws, he sees One on TV love art Julia that something is wrong, he! Bob asks what the puzzle means looking happier than ever before, having joined another of! Ivan sees Ruby looking happier than ever before, having joined another herd of elephants Mack that he save... A box for Ruby to perform at a mall Sound when he was n't living a... 8 worksheets found for - the One and Only Ivan, a man comes in to the! Mad at her escape attempt s shirt signals to her that gorillas are as patient as stones. to that! Been brought to the zoo with him, but yogurt raisins tempt him a claw stick, her... Crayons once, which eventually leads to visits from animal welfare officials who shut down Mack 's enterprise Not-Tag,.

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